The Keebeck Difference

Keebeck Wealth Management provides high-touch services and utilizes the best fintech solutions in order to optimize our clients’ experience as well as their portfolios. This difference gives us our edge, and our clients a distinct advantage.

Proprietary Relationships

Our professional network provides unparalleled access to personal and corporate resources who can offer invaluable information, connections and opportunities to our clients.

Virtual Family Office

We offer a virtual family office to solve financial and non-financial challenges through simplified digital applications, concierge-style services and the highest standard of personal attention.

Digital Workforce

Our team utilizes fintech solutions to create efficiencies, flexibility and access in managing our client portfolios. We leverage technology through an open platform and a digital workforce to broaden our offerings without bias or institutional constraint.

Service & Loyalty

Our fiduciary commitment drives our team’s ethos of service. We educate our clients to be in control of their capital, ensuring that their best interests are the only agenda.